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It’s Almost Time: The HillVille Debuts Monday!

By Niki King

That’s right, friends and dear readers, it’s less than a week away. We are in a state of frenzy putting the final pieces together for our first edition launch.

Tonight we’ll be making the final selection of our logo and rolling out a Facebook page in a few days. Don’t forget to friend us.

This weekend we’ll be uploading the awesome stories we’ve been stockpiling for months now. We’ll have an essay co-publisher Beth Newberry wrote for her master’s degree in creative writing at Spalding University about being born and raised between the bricks and sticks of Kentucky. Poet and teacher L.S. McKee has written a thoughtful essay on moving back home to East Tennessee after living away for more than a decade in Europe and a few of our country’s biggest cities.

And I, Niki King, have written an article explaining just what urban Appalachia is and why it’s important. Hey, some folks might not know! Lastly, we’ll have several profiles of urban Appalachians we think you’ll be glad to meet.

Whew. That’s a lot. We hope you like it.

Then, tune in the following week for our “Home for the Holidays” edition in which we’ll make suggestions for stuff to do, eat and shop for while your back home.

See y’all soon!

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