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Box Full of Letters

The HillVille has been live for ten days and we’ve already heard from many citizens of the HillVille  out there in highrises in near-Appalchian cities and from far western outposts and from—bless-your-heart—very flat places. We’ve shared a few of the comments and e-mails we’ve received so far.

We hope to build community through stories, news, exchanges over social media and some day maybe face-to-face meet ups. We are so glad to hear from each and every one of you and hope you’ll keep in touch. Let us know what you think of the site, the stories posted here, and to tell us what issues weigh on your hearts as urban Apps and ex-Apps. We’re glad to know ye! —Beth Newberry & Niki King, Co-publishers

Some letters were edited for length, but the original intent of the author was maintained.

I was born and raised in Charleston, W.V. and now call New York City my home. I’m here working on an MFA in writing and in my work I struggle daily with just how to accurately convey what it means to be Appalachian. I am thrilled to have found The Hillville! I can’t wait to read everything you’ve posted thus far and I would love the chance to participate in some capacity in the future. Thanks and all the luck in the world to you!
—Josh Gardner
(P.S. Good God do I miss biscuits.)

Just saw the mention in The Atlantic. Already bookmarked and liked the site [on FaceBook]. I left West Virginia 20 years ago; now reside in Austin, Texas—but Appalachia is my home. Best of luck!

—Brian Percy

As an urban planning student and Lexington, Kentucky native, I’m so exciting to see a website like The Hillville! Thanks for bringing awareness to our region!

—Hannah Allen

This is really exciting! It’s great to see Urban Appalachia begin to be recognized. And you’re right; Appalachian Studies does tend to focus on rural Appalachia, but I think the tide’s beginning to shift. At least I hope it is! I can’t wait to see where the conversations here will go!

—Marc Bentley

Love all these juxtapositions, which is what makes us city/country people interesting.

—Marianne Worthington

From Twitter

Loving @thehillville – the new zine about urban Appalachia. So good…
— @speakyourdesign (Jessica Thomas)
Very excited about @thehillville , new online mag about rural and urban Appalachia
— @spowellhenning (Sarah Powell-Henning)
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  1. I just discovered your site yesterday and nearly jumped—Eureka! We’re on the same wavelength. I’m a child of Appalachia who once lived in the “big city”. During the downturn of 2008 I returned to my childhood home in Virginia and started a business. There are some exciting things happening at the intersection of rural & urban…! Congrats on your positive response so early!

    December 22, 2011
  2. Katie, Thanks for your feedback, we agree that the intersection of rural and urban holds a lot of promise for our communities both in terms of planning and development and culture and dialogue. We look for to meeting you at those crossroads and hearing what you have to say.

    December 27, 2011

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