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Postcard from Appalachia: We’ll Be Back Soon

The HillVille has been on spring break and will return with lots of rad new content Thursday, April 12. In the words of famed Appalachian comedian and actor Robin Williams*, Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'”And well, we haven’t been partying in our brief hiatus, but we have been working on a bunch of stories that we are excited to roll out in coming weeks including book reviews, interviews, art criticism and city profiles.

Just a week ago, The HillVille headed to the Appalachian Studies Association in Indiana, Penn. where we made new friends with urban Apps, met up with some of our heroes, like Helen Matthews Lewis, and hugged the necks of old pals. It was a great weekend of scholarship, laughter and exploration of thoughtful commitment to the arts, academics, culture and livelihood of Appalachia.

We look forward to sharing with you all we learned. Stay tuned, and see yuns Thursday!

*Belated April Fool’s Day! Williams is a native of Chicago.

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